Agents of Kaos

Joining Us-

  When it comes to joining Agents of Kaos, it couldn’t be easier. Our foundation was built on a family mentality, we don’t judge on K/D or how well you play the game, we just want honest players who are interested in having a blast with our gaming family. When you apply to join the clan, you will then have to play with our admin to show you have the time and dedication to play with this clan. This also shows the admin whether or not you fit in to our scheme of things.

     We have 3 admin in which you will have to play a minimum of 13 hours with. That means you will have a total of at 39 hours of play time however there will be times where you will play with multiple admin at once. Each admin will be adding the hours for their time with you. You do not have to play with one admin at a time. You can accumulate up to 4 hours per day per admin. This gives all the admin enough time to get to know you. Once you've accomplished this, the admin will discuss whether you fit in the AK13 family and you will be notified with an answer on your application approval. As far as family goes, just let one of our admins know that you'd like to join. They will have to go through the same process only instead of 13 hours with each admin, it will be reduced to 10. If you do not meet the hours minimum within 30 days, you will be deemed a non-member and any hours will be lost. If you choose to still try again, you can try up to 3 times. If you have not completed the hours in 3 different attempts of 30 days each, you will have to wait 6 months to apply again. An application must be submitted on our website before any hours will be tracked. We will discuss with you when the hours are starting. If you complete your hours and are denied membership for any reason, you must wait at least 60 days before putting in another application and attempting your hours again.

     There is an age limit of at least 20 years old. Exceptions can be made to allow someone younger in the clan but they will have to do 20 hours with all 3 admin and then be approved by all 3 admin. With that being said, we also reserve the right to remove anyone from the clan if we feel they do not fit our system. We prefer players who have mics over those who don't. This is merely because of the communication portion of our clan; communication is an important key in gaming and making friends. If at any time, you are interested in becoming an admin, an application may be filled out. You must be in the clan a minimum of 2 months before being put on a waiting list or accepted. If you are returning to the clan after previously being in the clan, the same 2 months applies.

     Once you're in the clan, if we don't have contact from you though PlayStation parties and/or games in 30 days, then you will be removed from the clan. This means that if you're not participating in any way, shape or form, then you will be removed. If there is a reason for you being gone, get hold of  the clan leader or any admin through text messages or Facebook. We can't help you if you don't let us know what's going on. You need to let us know about any extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from playing. We can discuss options once you have contact us such as our 'inactive list'. We have a 3 strike rules that applies with leaving the clan. If you decide to leave the clan at any time.. that's strike 2. If you want to come back, if allowed, you will not have a set hours to play with admin like you did when you joined. You will however have a 2 week probation period. During this time, you need to show you really want to be back. If you leave a 2nd time, that is strike 2. If you choose to come back after that, it cannot be any sooner than 6 months from when you left. After coming back to the clan again, if you choose to leave again, that is strike 3 and you will not be allowed back. Admin reserve the right to terminate any clan membership at any time with a vote unanimously.

Clan Respect-

  This clan is a family; we want you to treat others the way you would want to be treated. We are adults and as such should be able to get along with one another and have a lot of fun playing games. This clan has a very simple open door policy, and we understand that we all have bad days, and different opinions, it happens guys. Just take some simple measures to end a dispute before it gets out of hand. Try to calm down first and if that doesn’t work then there is this miraculous little invention called The Mute Button. It was made long ago so that the user could magically ignore things that piss them off. We also understand that sometimes this doesn’t work, so if you find yourself in a dispute with another clan member contact one of the admin. We will come in and listen to the problem at hand and mediate for the two parties so we can work it out. We just want to have fun and play games guys so just be nice to each other dang-it.


  Well it’s rather plain and simple, in all competition based games, Cheating, Hacking, Boosting and Modded equipment will under no circumstances be tolerated. In most cases if you have been or are banned from something, there is usually a reason. With that said, we also understand that Sony makes mistakes and that weird things do happen. If you are banned once, we will take it with a grain of salt, but if it happens more than once while in this clan, you’re out of here! Once may be a fluke but after that point it shows that something else is going on. This may be harsh, but it’s how you weed out the bad apples from the good. If you have to question whether or not you’re cheating, then you probably are.

Sexual Harrassment-

  Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If someone feels that a sexual harassment incident has occurred, then they need to notify an admin or our clan leader. We as clan moderators will meet and discuss what measures will be taken, the least of which is the offender taking a break from the clan until a later date, and the worst punishment is being removed and banned from the clan. Now keep in mind with this being said, we do make crude jokes, dirty jokes, cuss and yell. We are not perfect, but there is a difference between harassment and just a messed up joke, so if you can, please let the small things roll off your back. If need be let the clan leader or an admin know that it offended you, in an adult manner. As always, your more than welcome to implement the amazing, bewildering mute button. We all know what magical powers is beholds.


  Participating with the clan is necessary for its success and also when building friendships within the clan. We have to work together as a team to move this clan to where we want to go. Participating makes you feel that you are a part of something larger than just playing a game. We have in game participation and we also have clan events and clan tournaments. For participation to work, you actually have to be here. Not only is participation what makes this clan so much fun, it’s also what keeps you here.

  If you are going to be gone for a long period of time, you can be put on our inactive list however if that is longer than 6 months, you will be removed from the clan. If you contact us and let us know what’s going on then we can work with you. We have clan meetings once a month. We recommend you come to all of them because that is the way for you to express your concerns as well as ideas however, it is mandatory for you to make at least one in 90 days.


  We know that family and work will always come first. For most this is just a video game, but even with that said we want to try to make an atmosphere that feels like home. We care about our members and their family. We want for everyone to get to know each other so we can build upon this bond and have our own little family as well. Even though this is a family, don’t forget, it is an organization first.


  Communication is the key to success! During the game we are playing as a clan, while personal kills and K/D are important, we are ultimately working together to win a game. If you die, call it out! Let us know where you died or where the enemy was, because if you didn’t get them, your clan member can. It really does make a difference in how well we do during a game. We also understand that some players need to concentrate more than others, but just remember if you can don’t forget to communicate! Having and using a microphone IS A REQUIREMENT for being in this clan.


  We hold clan tournaments when we can for members ONLY. Most of the time they are just for bragging rights and fun, but sometimes we do give away real prizes. Some of the prizes we have used in the past have been: PSN gift cards, Call of Duty limited edition lanyards and key chains. Over all the most important thing to remember is that we are playing for fun and 'tell Axeman, "Rubber ducky, you're the one!" when you read this. Try not to take the tournaments so seriously, we are a family after all. There are strict tournament rules that have to be followed for the tournaments to work, and in the end the game moderators have the final decision on tournament disputes.


  Every so often we will have contests ranging from car shows in GTA to the best k/d in COD that everyone can vote on. Awards will be given out for Agent of the Month, Agent of the Year and Tournament winners and occasionally photo contests. We will try to have contests on a regular basis with at least a week's notice.

3-strike rule-

If you have violated any major rules in this clan, you will be subject to the 3 Strike Rule.
• 1st offense: Banned for 14 days
• 2nd offense: Banned for 30 days
• 3rd offense: Banned for LIFE!

~AK Management

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