Agents of Kaos

Welcome to Agents of Kaos

In our organization you'll find an eclectic group of friends who enjoy gaming with each other from parts all over North America and we're still expanding. Here you'll find a little information about the clan and how to join.

If you're looking for a clan that's more like a family whose competitive and yet still laid back, come try AK13 and see how crazy we can all be. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of games out there that frustrate all of us, because we work as a team and play together and that makes it all better.

So check out our page and if you're interested in joining up, fill out an application. We're happy to invite you to game with us.

Agent of the Year [2018]

Congrats losxile! Throughout the year of 2018, Ross has always been one to help out another in need. He's there to revive you and never leaves you behind even if he's the reason you're down because you were on the back of his ATV in Blackout. If you need help with a mission or getting supplies for one, he's the 1st to volunteer help. He's always around whether in parties or participating in an event. He was the 1st person in the clan to get a Blackout win in Black Ops 4. He finished 3rd in our NASCAR series which lasted almost 10 months and he didn't miss one meeting all year!

Overall, he's a nice guy, good friend and easy to get along with. That's what makes him the 2018 Agent of the Year! Congrats ROSS!!!